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Meet our team!

Devona Youmans

Lead Coordinator | Floral Designer

Devona is skilled in organizing literally EVERYTHING and bringing people together. Even the most unique brides love Devona and respect her expertise and work ethic. She is an invaluable part of CE who knows how to use her skills to accomplish greatness. When you see our events flowing smoothly without a glitch, thank Devona. She’s the woman behind the magic!

Deneya Dingle

Lead Floral Designer

Financial Manager | Assistant Planner

Not only is she a top-notch floral designer who is not afraid to design outside of the vase, she’s the queen of finance who maintains the longevity of our business. Practicality is just one of her many super-powers that keeps CE rooted and blooming within the events industry.  Deneya is not a stranger to hard work and she will push our team to the finish until the last elements of your design are in place. Everybody needs a Deneya on their team, and we are so glad that she’s an instrumental part of CE!


Lasonya Murdaugh

Lead Logistics Coordinator

Hospitality Specialist | Assistant Floral Designer

When we want the job done right the first time, LaSonya is the woman for the job! Not only will she do it right, but she’ll also get it done on time and with a smile! LaSonya’s smiling face is what you’ll see as she makes sure that every CE event is enjoyable for all.


Her kind heart is what you’ll feel when you encounter her at any CE event. LaSonya loves people and people love LaSonya! Just wait until you see her in action at your next Five-Star Experience with CE!

Dennelle Thompson

Operations Manager | Assistant Coordinator

Assistant Floral Designer

Have you ever heard that little voice in your head telling you “yes” or “no”?  Well, Dennelle is that audible voice, giving sound direction, keeping CE focused and on track.  She maintains the order of operations for every CE event, ensuring that deadlines are met and jobs are completed. Dennelle is our go-to for all things CE! She is a tried-and-true event manager who exudes professionalism on and off the scene.


Dentresa Taylor

 Lead Planner | Floral Designer | Business Manager

Dentresa works closely with our clients to understand their vision.  She keeps our daily business operations in order by maintaining our systems and client communication.  Dentresa loves figuring out how to make things work, and she doesn’t mind nudging our team beyond the norm with her creative ideas. She loves all things fabulous and flowers! One of her favorite mottos is “Everything must be executed in a spirit of excellence" and our CE team always provides services according to this mantra.

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