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Wedding Design

Everyone knows good design when they see it, but great design can only be achieved when a designer truly listens to their clientele. When you choose CE to design your wedding, you are choosing a complete design experience that will capture the essence of who you are as a couple. 


Every wedding is unique, so no design is ever "cookie cutter" when choosing CE. If we were to sum up our design aesthetic using one phrase, it would simply be "Designing Classic Events with a Contemporary Flair"! By staying current with today’s techniques, innovative design approaches, and trends we always present our couples with the best that the wedding industry has to offer, while taking care to include those special touches which reflect your personal style.


We are no strangers to bold colors, contemporary design elements, classic romanticism, or traditional southern charm. No matter the style or theme you have chosen for your wedding, our team of professionals is ready to facilitate the process of turning your vision of a perfect day into reality.


The Ultimate Formula

Your unique personalities, lifestyles, and vision + our years of design expertise
and creativity = an unforgettable wedding experience!

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